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Multidrug-resistant Bacteria
Pipeline Overview

Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR) occurs when bacteria change over time and no longer respond to medicines. Represented by ESKAPE, multi-drug resistant bacterial infections have become extremely difficult to treat and to develop medicine for. Among ESKAPE, Gram negative bacteria have outer membrane protecting peptidoclycan wall, making it impossible for antibiotic substance to approach. MVRIX developed a technology to permeate drugs into the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria using Cell Membrane Translocation domains.

Effect of MVR-CM002 on Pseudomonas putida

• TEM of Pseudomonas putida KCTC 1643 after treating

pseudo 01.png
pseudo 02.png
pseudo 03.png
pseudo 04.png

(A) Buffer

(B) PB1_gp48 fragment

(C) PB1_gp48 trans-splicing

(D) LysPA26 trans-splicing

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